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Magical and special surroundings

Our house is part of a country-side where you will feel at one with nature,
at the foot of the Ocejon mountain peak and surrounded by beautiful storybook villages.

We offer this guide of places and activities to ensure you an unforgettable visit.

" Forgotten pathways and high meadows for bird-watching, ponds and streams for swimming in clear mountain waters, peaks and summits, flora, mushrooms that grow under the trees...

The ecological landscape of this sierra is incredible... come visit the National Park Reserve of the Northern Sierra of Guadalajara formed in 2011.

The small villages that nestle on the western side of the Ocejon Peak are unique and in the process of being declared Human Patrimony by UNESCO.

So unique are these village that Jose Maria Ferrer in his classic Guide of tourist sites 200 kilometers around Madrid compares them to the Asturian land of Oscos. And he is not alone. Others have compared the solitude of this area (0,8 inhabitants for each square kilometer) with Greenland and Mongolia. And there are others who refer to the Ocejon Peak that towers over the lands as the “Cervino manchego”.

Roofs that resemble old Roman roads; thick slate walls that barely reveal doors and windows with thick oaken lintels; heavy roofs held up by solid wooden supports and the easily recognised cylindrical old ovens attached to some of the homes are some of the shared elements of these “black villages”... all of this a visual spectacle that stimulates all of our senses."

Angela Bartolomé.
Majada del rayo, guia Majaelrayo

Black Architecture, Majaelrayo

To understand the origin of Majaelrayo we must go back the years just following the reconquering of Spain from the arabs when the ranchers of Ayllon began building what were called “majadas” or small settlements along the cattle drives.

Majada del rayo, guia Pico Ocejón

The Ocejon Peak (2048 m)

For thousands of years this peak has dominated the valley. It is a fundamental part of the natural order of things, of life and existence.

Majada del rayo, Pico Campachuelo

Campachuelo Peak

From 1899 metros high, a little less than the Ocejon, from Campachuelo you can see the entire valley with only the company of the wind, silence and your thoughts.

Majada del rayo, guia Arroyo y cascada de la Matilla

Stream and waterfall “La Matilla”

This place has a privileged location. Tucked into the mountain's landscape, the water never stops flowing in the form of waterfalls and streams flowing to the nearby mill and further on...

Majada del rayo, guia Pozas de Marte

Waterfalls “del Aljibe” or the Martian puddles

The waterfall most hidden away and most surprising. Two natural pools falling from 30 meters in the form of reservoirs born from the Soto stream since thousands of years in it's short flow to the Jarama river.

Majada del rayo, guia El Vado

El Vado

In 1950 when the work on the Vado reservoir started, the fate of this little village was sealed and the inhabitants had to relocate...

Majada del rayo, guia Las Presillas

Las Presillas

A place to bathe and enjoy tranquility and incredible views.

Majada del rayo, guia Cruce de Muriel

Muriel Crossroads

Leaving Majaelrayo heading towards Riaza, these pools just invite you to take a dip.

Majada del rayo, guia Hayedo Tejera Negra

The Beech forest of Tejera Negra

This charming part of the Ayllon mountain range hides one of the most southernly and magical beech forests of Europe. If these beech trees could talk they would tell tales of age-old history and long-gone times...

Majada del rayo, guia Tamajon

The Enchanted Village of Tamajon

When we think of the Enchanted Village in Spain we think of one in the province of Cuenca but there is another: the Enchanted Village of Tamajon, a beautiful native corner of caves listed in the National Inventory of Outstanding Landscapes.

Majada del rayo, guia Campillo de Ranas

Campillo de Ranas and its villages

This small municipality covers an area of 92 square kilometers and is located 63 kilometers to the north of Guadalajara at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level. It is connected by local roads with Majaelrayo and other interesting villages.

Majada del rayo, guia La Vereda

La Vereda

The village of La Vereda is like something right out of the tales of Grimm Brothers. Possessing an unequaled beauty it is a major example of Spanish depopulation and a major example of the architecture of the area.

Majada del rayo, guia Umbralejo


One must enjoy the peculiarity of the little village, a living example of the typical architecture of the zone. There are special entrance hours and conditions that we will explain to you.

Majada del rayo, guia Almiruete


This is a pretty mountain village with abundant water and an exhilarating vegetation... and built on a steep hillside.

Majada del rayo, guia Románico Rural

Rural Romanesque

A full day touristic route that includes important examples of Romanesque (Romanic) architecture found in Sigüenza or small but important churches in Campisábalos or Albendiego. Depending on where you start or which roads you take, it covers at least 50 kilometers.

Majada del rayo, guia Muralla China

"The Chinese wall”

The lookout of Cuchillar del Asomante-Hoces del Jaramilla. Impressive descent over the bridge at Corralejo over the Jaramilla river.

Majada del rayo, guia Hoces del Jarama y Monasterio de Bonaval

Birth of the Jarama River and the Bonaval Monastery

There is not a more descriptive impression of the Bonaval than that of the writer Juan Ignacio Cuesta Millán: “Suddenly, surprisingly, we come upon the ruins of the monastery of Bonaval emerging from the earth like something indispensable in the landscape, covered in ivy that climbs its walls like a green shroud from which drops of morning dew fall to the ground”.



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Cultural schedule

In the web La Jalea del Ocejón you´ll find a lot of information of the cultural offert of the area,
also we show you a directory of all the consolidated events.

Mercadito de Trueque.

Saturdays immediately before “Semana Santa” (spring) and Puente del Pilar (fall) in the square of Majaelrayo

Public Library

in “La Casa Consistoral de Campillo de Ranas”
all Thursdays 17:00 – 18:00 and the Sundays 12.00 – 13:00.

Half-marathon “mountain of Ocejón”

First weekend of June

the storytelling of Ocejón.

•Between December and April or May, a Saturday each moth in a different village.

Festivities of Robleluengo

Last weekend of June: festivities of Robleluengo and publish of winners and show of the works selected in the contest “Fotografía de Arquitectura Negra”

Musical Festival Ranas Folk

Third Saturday of June

“Certamen de Cine de Viajes del Ocejón”

Second weekend of November a cinema show

A soiree of poetry and music.

Third week og August “se me está quemando la Jalea”.

Museum of models ROIZO (In Campillo de Ranas)

Majada del Rayo, Museo Arte Roizo

In this peculiar Museum can observe a set of models that reproduce with surprising realism and accuracy traditional trades and typical constructions of the region of the Black Architecture. His author, the artist Juan Andrés Roizo, painter of Madrid bought property for years in Campillo de Ranas, is capable of reducing any traditional housing of the zone to the simplest form but with the maximum detail.
An art that not only needs manual skill and precision, but many observation and a great study of the detail.
It is a question, definitively, of small works of art in which his author recreates the daily life of these peoples across his housings, his utensils or chattels and his more ancient trades.

Museum of Almiruete

Majada del Rayo, Museo de Almiruete

on February 4, 2006, one proceeded to the inauguration of the Museum of “Botargas y Mascaritas”.
A permanent exhibition that explains what is the carnival.
Dates of opening of the museum for 2014

16th   February ;  1th   March ;  19th   April ;  3th   May ;  21th   June ;  19th   July ;
16th   August ;  20th   September ;  11th   October ;  15th   November and  6th   December.

Traditional Festivities

- 17 th   January : Santo Niño, Majaelrayo
- 24 th   June: San Juan, Majaelrayo
- 29 th   June: San Pedro Apóstol, Robleluengo
- 25 th   July: Virgen de Lourdes, El Espinar
- 1st   week of August: Santo Niño, Roblelacasa
- 2st   week of August: María Magdalena, Campillo de Ranas
- 3st   week of August: Campillejo
- 1st   week of September: Santo Niño, Majaelrayo.

Majada del Rayo, Fiestas Patronales

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