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We list the prices because...

We know that you will enjoy yourself whenever you decide to come, and because of this our prices are the same ALL YEAR LONG.

Also, we do not charge extra for firewood.


Weekend of 2 nights
(29,75 € per person/night )

* entrance Friday 12 noon, exit Sunday 5 PM


Long weekend or Holidays 3 nights
(27 € per person/night )


Long weekend or Holidays 4 nights
(27 € per person/night )


Weeklong stay 6 nights

Longer stays

Consult prices


Finally a List of lodging conditions

In spite of being just common sense, it is not a bad idea to be aware of and remember them.
The house has been conditioned with care to assure you of a comfortable and enjoyable stay.
We ask you to treat the installations, furnishings and surrounding with respect and care.

25th September, 2014

Hours and admissions

The hour of entrance is from 12 noon. The exit at 5 PM.
The client/s who do not exit at the designated hour accept the prolongation of the visit by one additional day. In any case, the prolongation of the stay will be under direct accord between the owner and the client.

It is necessary to fill out the obligatory forms compliant to legal legislation.

Any and all anomalies detected will be deducted proportionally from the deposit.

Reservations, payments and deposits

In this establishment, we want to avoid the abandoning of animals: we invite you to bring your pets with you (the owner is a licensed dog trainer) with no additional cost.
However it is absolutely necessary to advise us of this when making your reservation.
To formalise your advance reservation a bank deposit of 30% of the contracted price is necessary. This deposit is understood to be a part of the total contracted price.
The above mentioned deposit is not understood as an advance payment for any one day but rather a part of the total price contracted.

An additional damage deposit will be required prior to the entrance and will be returned by bank deposit after the final cleaning of the establishment. As stated above, any damages can/will be subtracted from this deposit.

Upon the reception of the keys, the remaining amount of the rental will be paid in full and in cash.


When we receive notice of a cancellation of a reservation with more than 7 and less than 15 days before the date of the reservation, 50% of the deposit will be refunded

When the cancellation is notified within less than the above mentioned, the deposit will not be refunded.

If the reservation deposit is made through the AvaiBook system there are non-refundable costs:

1€ + 2% of the total for credit card payments;
1,35€ + 3,4% of the total for PayPal payments;
1,30€ for payments by bank transfers

Client Obligations

The house, along with the furnishings, is delivered in perfect conditions for the use of the client and the client accepts the obligation to return it in the same condition.

The cleaning of the house during the visit is the obligation of the client.

The client accepts the responsibility for any possible damages due to negligence or bad usage and assumes the cost of repair of same.

The clients assume the obligation of proper use of the installations.
In light of any evidence of vandalism or improper use of the same, the owner reserves the right to finalize the contract in any given moment and demand the abandonment of the house immediately.

Any activity considered dangerous, unhealthy, destructive, illegal o bothersome to the neighbors is not permitted.


It is not permitted the lodging of more persons than those contracted.
In any case, not more than the authorized capacity.
Spending the night by other persons than the contracted is not permitted without the permission of the owner.

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